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N.Y. personal injury law office being sued for legal malpractice

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016

OXFORD, Miss. (Legal Newsline) – A Florida guy and his spouse are taking legal action against a New York law office for malpractice, alleging the firm and two of its lawyers failed to properly represent them in an accident suit versus the owners of two Mississippi Charleston_zps4x1dzd0f
Matthew Coombs and his wife, Sherri, filed their lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi, Oxford Division, March 4.The named offenders consist of personal injury law office Goidel & Siegel LLP and attorneys Jonathan M. Goidel and Peter H. McCallion.According to Coombs 15-page grievance, he was employed in the fall of 2010 by Chawla and Sons Inc. to manage its Holiday Inn Express in Greenville, Miss. Coombs resided in the hotel while handling it.

During his work, the hotel was contaminated with mold. Coombs alleged in his underlying claim that he became ill because of the harmful drug.

In addition to Chawla and Sons, he blamed Intercontinental Hotels Group PLC and Holiday Hospitality Franchising Inc. HHF, in certain, was accuseded of preserving high requirements of safety in its licensee hotels and had the duty to examine and seek advice from Chawla and Sons concerning the Greenville hotel s operation, look and service, he declared.

Coombs argued in his underlying match that he wouldn t have actually sustained injuries from the mold contamination at the hotel if HHF had actually effectively checked the properties and required Chawla and Sons to get rid of the mold.

Coombs also alleged that Chawla and Sons management of a refinishing and reglazing task at its Holiday Inn Express in Cleveland, Miss., almost eliminated him.

According to his most recent problem, he was used by Chawla and Sons to manage the hotel from December 2010 to January 2011– not long after leaving the Greenville hotel.

Chawla and Sons, he alleges, worked with Unique Refinishers Inc. to carry out work to the bath tubs in the hotel. The work was performed in January 2011.

Similar to the Greenville hotel, Coombs both worked and resided in the Cleveland hotel. As an outcome, he was exposed continually to the harmful fumes emanating from the chemicals Unique Refinishers utilized to refinish and reglaze the tubs, he alleged.

The direct exposure resulted in severe respiratory failure. Coombs was airlifted to a nearby medical facility, where he was put on a respirator. A physician at the health center identified he was on the verge of death when he arrived.

Coombs went back to Florida in 2011, but continues to suffer permanent long-lasting injuries that prevent him from working and performing even the most basic jobs around his home.

As an outcome, he employed Goidel & Siegel in July 2011 to represent him in an injury suit.

However, Coombs declares in his problem that the accuseds failed to properly represent him and his better half. People with most skills in this area are listed on site over here . He says that his wife had a claim for loss of consortium and lost services in the underlying case, but that the defendants cannot assert such claims.

Among other things, Coombs alleges the offenders differed the standard of care by failing to maintain a specialist to testify regarding any opinion associated to any precaution or equipment that Unique Refinishers might have used throughout their work or such that would have prevented Coombs declared injuries.

The offenders, he alleges, likewise cannot go to the set up and discovered pre-trial conference at which the lawyers attempting the case were needed to be present.

Coombs says he has actually suffered substantial damages as a result of the defendants neglect.

He and his wife are seeking: damages, expenses of the action, prejudgment interest, post judgment interest, lawyers fees if allowable and a jury trial.

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